Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein on the Joe Rogan Podcast

Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein, two popular psychologists, recently spent some time talking about various issues on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

While both certainly have Wisdom to disburse, Peterson more than Weinstein, both are also good examples of how thoughtful, intelligent, and good-hearted intellectuals’ thinking can be warped, in certain ways, by the conceptual diseases of their discipline.

Peterson tends towards mistakes influenced by his psychometric and psychoanalytic background, whereas Weinstein evolutionary psychology.

I am a good philosopher, and so, in a sense, not so concerned with facts, so much as understanding and reasoning. My next few (maybe many) posts will be devoted to critiquing some of the things that come up during in their conversation. You can find the episode here: Joe Rogan Experience #1006 – Jordan Peterson & Bret Weinstein

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